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At Cooke Financial, we believe that everyone should be proactive and wise in caring for their finances. Let us partner with you through financial advisory, insurance planning, and retirement planning. 

At Cooke Financial, we provide our clients with well written and researched financial plans that will reduce uncertainty about your future.

We are a fiduciary firm and Registered Investment Advisor under the series 65 license that serves people first and puts your needs above our own.

Invest in Your Future

Our simple process


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Reach out to us to learn more and see how we can help you pursue your financial goals. 


Consultation Meeting

During our initial consultation meeting, we’ll talk about your specific needs and generate an initial plan. 



We will meet with you over time to reassess your goals and change your plan as needed.

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Invest in Your Future

Our simple process



Identify and prioritize your financial goals



Input data, run calculations and identify shortfalls



Propose one or more solutions designed to satisfy your goals 



Choose a financial solution and implement


Periodic Review

Review regularly, measure success and make adjustments

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Our Services

FinanciaL Advisory

At Cooke Financial, monetary growth is within reach. We provide a whole host of financial products and investment opportunities that help fit your personalized needs. Whether you are new to investing, or already have a growing portfolio, we partner with you to pursue your financial goals.


Life, Disability Insurance & Annuities

Along with growing your finances, we know that caring for your family and health is important to you. We work to ensure you are protected with the best fit for life insurance, long term care, and disability coverage.

Retirement Planning

We help you prepare for the future with retirement planning. Whether a 401k or 457, we explore your personal goals and then set up and maintain your funds so that you are optimizing your investment. 

ESG Investing

Equity, Sustainability and Governance Investing platforms. 


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