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Meaningful Diversification

We diversify not by asset class alone but by investment strategy. No investment philosophy is perfect all the time. Personalized investments based on risk comfort levels and intended outcomes. Core strategic managers that offer a broad diversification to your allocations and then compliment them with an explore component that can de risk based on defined characteristics that unfold in the market. Just because you can go everywhere doesn’t necessarily mean you should be everywhere. This is very similar to how foundations and endowments have managed money for decades. Through the technology we have today these more sophisticated plans and strategies can be offered to our clients.

At Cooke Financial, we believe that everyone should be proactive and wise in caring for their finances. Let us partner with you through financial advisory, insurance planning, and retirement planning. 

At Cooke Financial we accurately assess your risk profile and tailor a comprehensive plan for every risk profile.

We follow the 6 levels of financial planning

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Risk Management
  3. Investment Planning
  4. Tax Planning Strategies
  5. Retirement Goal Planning
  6. Estate Planning


Income allocation strategies. At the end of the day it’s not what you make that makes you wealthy it’s what you keep. Having a comprehensive financial plan does not mean you have to deny yourself the rewards you deserve, it just means you can rest assured you are not jeopardizing long term goals for short term enjoyment.

Protecting what you have goes far beyond what your HR people provide you at work. Whether it takes the form of setting aside money so that in case of an emergency your family will not have to seek the charity of others or just making sure there is a plan in place in case unfortunate circumstances arise.

Investment planning is done utilizing the latest goal based technology available. At Cooke Financial we practice Modern Portfolio Theory in order to take the guesswork out of investing. Actively managed accounts as well as a full range of Mutual Funds, Individual Stocks, Negotiated Notes and Market Linked CDs are available.

Retirement Goal planning is the easiest way to protect yourself after you have hung it up. Whether you plan to work well into your autumn years or just want to enjoy a lifetime of Saturday Mornings we can help guide you.

Whether you want to leave a legacy to your family or donate to a favorite charity we can structure a full legacy plan designed to protect and provide after you’re gone.

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